Spring!.. into action

Spring!.. into action

The mornings are getting lighter and the days are becoming longer which means that Winter is finally coming to an end. For most of us this means digging out our walking boots or getting in the garden again. Over the next few days we will give you some useful pointers to help get you started

START SMALL – What’s the rush?

Even though we may not think or feel it, our bodies have gotten used to being a little less active during the winter. Like any activity, get used to it first by starting small and building up over time.

You probably can walk for 10 miles with relative ease, but why not just do 5 for now to ease your joints, ligaments and muscles into it?


Massively underrated. Limber up and prepare your body for exercise by doing a few stretches to get the blood pumping, your heart rate up and your body ready for action. It doesn’t have to be much, but try to make it specific to the activity you’re about to do.


Probably the most important point. Your body uses water to carry nutrients, remove waste from our major organs and helps to regulate our temperature. It is constantly being lost from our bodies through our skin, breath and our faeces and urine. Given that an adults weight is roughly 60% water, it’s important to keep yourself topped up.

It’s widely recommended that we drink at least 2 litres of water per day – that’s around 8 glasses. Have you been drinking enough?