Visiting a Chiropractor for the first time

Visiting a Chiropractor for the first time

We get a lot of phone calls to the clinic from people asking what actually happens during a chiropractic consultation. Will there be treatment? Do I need to be referred? Will it be painful?

These are just a few questions that regularly get asked. As every chiropractic clinic in Sheffield is different, we thought we would do a quick post running through a standard consultation from start to finish.

Once you have decided that visiting our chiropractors is the right treatment for you, the first stage is to get booked in for an initial consultation appointment. Our friendly receptionists will help pick a time that suits you. We also take bookings via email, Facebook and our online booking system.

Arrival at the clinic

Reception at Birley Chiropractic Clinic

Before anyone has chiropractic treatment at the clinic they must first have an initial chiropractic consultation. You do not need to be referred to the clinic to have treatment. On arrival to the clinic you will be asked to fill a new patient health form. The health form will ask you questions about your current complaint and any past injuries/health problems.

Once the form is completed the chiropractor will introduce themselves and ask you through to one of the treatment rooms. The first stage of the consultation will then commence which will involve the chiropractor asking you questions about your complaint. As much information as possible is usually gathered at this stage to help make an accurate diagnosis of your problem.

Following this, a physical assessment will then be performed. Various tests such as postural assessments, strength tests and joint mobility tests will be carried out to help establish the root cause of your complaint.

Chiropractic Treatment

Birley Chiropractic Treatment Room SheffieldOnce the consultation has been completed the chiropractor will discus their findings with you and treatment options available. If for any reason we can’t treat your complaint, or further investigation is needed for example through an X-Ray, we will make the necessary referrals for you.

If chiropractic is suitable for your complaint and you are happy to go ahead with treatment then this will be carried out within your consultation. The initial consultation including treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes.

We understand that visiting a chiropractor in Sheffield for the first time may be a little daunting for some people. If you would like to bring someone with you, that is absolutely fine. Don’t forget we offer free 15 minute consultations for all our treatments at the clinic so if you would like to meet one of our therapists and discuss your case in more detail then please get in touch.