Why Sports Massage and Chiropractic Treatment Compliment Each Other

Why Sports Massage and Chiropractic Treatment Compliment Each Other

Sport messageChiropractic treatment when combined with sports massage really does work well together. Many of our patients combine the two treatments to help them on the road to recovery. This isn’t something we have just started doing in clinic. In fact we have been combining treatments for a number of years now and the results speak for themselves.

As you may be aware, chiropractors do an amazing job at rebalancing the alignment of the spine and restoring nerve function. They do this through a number of skilled techniques and adjustments. However, the body can sometimes be so stiff with muscular tension it can try to resist chiropractic adjustments. This is when sports massage can help.

By having a professional sports massage, tight muscles or muscle spasms can be relieved. Like chiropractors, sports massage therapists take a hands on approach to treatment and use a variety of techniques to help lengthen and relax tightened muscles. In many cases the pain that someone is suffering can be due to a combination of muscle tension and joint disjunction. Therefore by targeting both issues through massage and chiropractic adjustments the time taken for a person to recover can be greatly reduced.

It is not just in the early stages of care when sports massage can be beneficial. Many of our patients at the clinic receive maintenance chiropractic treatment. This works really well for those who want to prevent old injuries reoccurring in the future and to keep the body performing at its optimum. Combining sports massage with maintenance chiropractic treatment further helps with injury prevention. When muscles are supple the risk of joints becoming tight or restricted is greatly reduced.

See if sports massage can benefit your chiropractic care

Next time you see one of our chiropractors have a chat to them about sports massage and see if this would be something you could benefit from. In our experience those who combine chiropractic treatment with sports massage see better, faster and longer lasting results.