Why do I get more pain when it’s cold?

Why do I get more pain when it’s cold?

It’s that time of year again, the cold damp days have arrived! For some it’s a time to wrap up warm, enjoy walks in Sheffield on bright frosty days and look forward to the festive season. However, for many people it’s a time of year they dread, particularly those suffering from arthritis.

Research has shown that pain levels in patients suffering from arthritis increases in the winter. The reasons for this are still being researched. However, most scientists agree that a combination of decreased temperatures and barometric pressure can lead to swelling in joint capsules. This swelling ultimately leads to increased inflammation and for those suffering from arthritis an increase in pain levels is often noticed.

How can Chiropractic treatment help?

So, how can we help? Chiropractic treatment can be very beneficial for those suffering with arthritis. Chiropractors use a combination of gentle manipulation, stretching and exercises to help reduce inflammation and ultimately reduce your pain. Our chiropractors see an increase in these types of symptoms this time of year and have successfully helped many people in Sheffield manage their pain levels.

Sports Massage for pain relief

It’s not just people suffering from arthritis that struggle in the winter months. Thousands of people living in Sheffield work outdoors. Many of these jobs are manual jobs, and when working outdoors, in cold weather, the chances of developing muscle, tendon and ligament injuries are greatly increased. The cold can cause muscles to become tightened which can not only increase pain but affect how the body functions.

Sports massage is something we recommend for those suffering from such ailments. Regular deep tissue massage can help keep muscles supple and reduce the risk of injury. Our sports massage therapists also recommend warming your muscles prior to working through gentle exercises or using heat packs. Combining this with stretching exercises can be an added bonus.

To conclude, this time of year can be problematic for many people. Increased inflammation for those suffering from arthritis is often noticed and for those working outdoors, muscular problems can be a common occurrence.

The key is to look after yourself. Keep moving through exercise and try to get in to a routine of stretching to help your muscles and joints stay supple. If you feel that receiving treatment would benefit you, our chiropractors and sports massage therapists are all here to help! Those living in Sheffield, if you need any advice on our chiropractic and sports massage treatments then please get in touch!