Top benefits from sports massage

Top benefits from sports massage

Research has shown the many benefits of sports massage. Below are some of the areas we believe to be most beneficial to our patients who receive sports massage in our clinic.

Treating injuries

Muscle injuries can be caused by a wide range of things. It can be from a direct injury such as a pulled muscle, a repetitive injury from over using the same muscles over a period of time or from postural problems such as rounded shoulders causing tension in the neck and upper back. We treat many patients in and around Sheffield with a wide range of different muscular injuries and time and time again sports massage has proved to be a very effective way to treat them. By using a wide range of deep tissue techniques injured or stressed muscles can be successfully treated and get you out of pain fast!

Improve your recovery

Sports massage was first introduced as a recovery treatment for sports people after they had completed an event. To this day it is still widely known as the most effective treatment to help with muscle recovery.

We treat a wide variety of people at the clinic. Our more sporty patients who train regularly or compete in competitions find recovery massages very beneficial. Not only does it help to heal damaged or stressed muscles but it can also help to speed the recovery process allowing the body to be back to full fitness quicker. We find that those who have sports massage in between training sessions find they are able to recover quicker and train harder in their next session.

Good for the mind

The link between massage and improved mental health is very strong. Research has shown that during a massage serotonin and dopamine levels are increased which help elevate your mood. Blood pressure can also be reduced during a massage which in turn can help reduce stress. If you have ever seen anyone immediately after a sports massage you will notice they will be more relaxed, happy and generally feel better about themselves.

Improve posture

Many of the people we treat in the clinic have very tight muscles but are not athletes or sporty people. A large proportion suffer from posture related tension which is often very painful and uncomfortable.

The human body is not really designed for modern day living. During work we spend hours hunched over in unnatural positions. We drive cars more than we walk, often in uncomfortable positions which can put stress on the shoulders and neck. At home hours spent on mobile phones, tablets or even slouching on the sofa can all be detrimental to the muscles and joints of the body. The overall result of is often pain and discomfort.

Regular deep tissue massage can help. We have found those that have a deep tissue massage on a regular basis find their bodies can cope better and have fewer problems than they did before. We often hear at the clinic “I only wish I had come to see you sooner!”