Vitamin D

Vitamin D

There has been a lot in the news recently about the wonders of vitamin D and how supplementing could help to reduce coughs and colds, which would be pretty handy at this time of year!

Apart from helping the immune system, vitamin D can help with reducing muscle and joint stiffness, it plays a part in bone health, and low levels have been linked to MS, diabetes and even cancer.

It sounds like a wonder vitamin!  And it is! But vitamin D, along with vitamins E, K, and A are fat soluble vitamins rather than water soluble like magnesium, and this means they store in the body in fatty tissues and excess levels can be toxic to the body.  So, before you buy your vitamin D supplement, have your vitamin D levels checked first, either that or book a nice winter holiday, the vitamin D from sunshine is safe and you only absorb what you need!

Contact your GP if you are concerned about vitamin D levels and they may offer you a blood test.  Alternatively contact reception for more details about ordering a test privately.