Sports Massage

Sports Massage in Sheffield

Birley Chiropractic Clinic are pleased to offer sports massage in Sheffield. Our sport massage services can be used to relieve muscular tension, mobilise soft tissues, treat muscular damage, break down adhesions and reduce pain.

In recent years sports massage has proven to be a key factor in the treatment of muscular injuries. As sports people ourselves, we understand how frustrating it is to be injured. Our aim is to get you back to full fitness as quickly as possibly. Treatment may involve techniques such as frictions, myofascial release, cross-fibre massage, trigger point therapy and stretching techniques. We have had proven success in treating a variety of different injuries some of which include:

    • Lower back pain
    • Tennis elbow/golfers elbow
    • Hamstring inflexibility
    • Thigh strains
    • Piriformis syndrome
    • Shin splints
    • Tricep/bicep tears
    • Calf strains
    • Illiotibial band syndrome
    • Runners knee
    • Jumpers knee
    • Rotator cuff tendonitis

As well as treating muscular injuries another key aspect that we focus on is preventing Injuries. Many people see us on a regular basis to prevent injuries reoccurring, allowing them to keep their training at a high intensity. When people visit us for preventative or maintenance massages we use our skills to identify areas that may develop in to problems if left untreated. By having regular sports massage treatment the risk of getting an injury is greatly reduced. Endurance based athletes rely heavily on regular treatments to help reduce the risk of developing an over use injury. Preventing muscle strains, particularly in games players, is another benefit that can be achieved through regular treatment.