Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is for anyone that suffers from muscular discomfort. We use a range of different techniques to help loosen tightened muscles, improve posture, strengthen weakened muscles and more importantly get you out of pain. We don’t believe in just sticking an elbow in you and causing you extreme pain. The body’s natural reaction to this would be to tense up forcing the therapist to work against a tightened barrier. We still work deep into the muscles but use techniques that do so without causing too much pain.

Like sports massage, remedial massage works well as a preventative treatment. We treat a broad range of patients including builders, dentists, full time mums, doctors, office workers, the list could go on. All of which receive regular treatments to help muscles stay loose and prevent old injuries or problem areas recurring. The treatment of postural problems is another area we specialise in. Many people’s jobs and lifestyles force them to have poor posture. This can lead to a range of problems including neck pain, shoulder problems, lower back pain. Our treatments aim to correct any imbalances in the muscles allowing the body to sit in a more normal state. To complement our treatments we offer advice and exercises and if we think an injury cannot be resolved with soft tissue work we will always refer you for further medical investigation.

Some of the conditions we have successfully treated include:

    • Lower back pain
    • Neck pain
    • Shoulder pain
    • Tension headaches
    • RSI
    • Rounded shoulders
    • Elbow pain

If you are looking for a “nice” relaxing massage with candles and whale music, this is probably not the place for you. If however you are looking for a professional massage that will treat your muscular problem using evidence based treatment, then we can definitely help.