What services can you expect from a Chiropodist in Sheffield?

chiropody sheffieldA chiropodist is a medical professional who is an expert at treating foot related problems. Being a medical professional, who is trained to help you with your foot troubles, a chiropodist in Sheffield, or anywhere else for that matter, can provide care for a wide range of complications. So, what exactly can you expect to get from these experts? Well, here is a look at some of the services they provide –

  1. Regular foot care – our lower limbs are incredibly hardworking parts of our body; still we give least importance to their care. Hard skin, ingrown toenails, verrucas and corns are some examples of common problems we tend to just put up with, often resulting in pain and discomfort. This is where a chiropodist can help. Being a medical professional who is an expert at handling these issues, a chiropodist can offer you a regular foot care service to ensure that you keep on walking and running pain free.
  2. Nail surgery – therecan be a number of reasons for needing to have nail surgery. More often than not, nail surgery will be used to treat a painful or recurring in growing toenail. A chiropodist in Sheffield can come to your rescue. Using local anaesthetic a chiropodist will fully or partially remove the problem toenail and allow it to grow back correctly. If you have a problem with ingrowing toenails – you need to get in touch with a chiropodist in Sheffield.
  3. Biomechanical assessment– people who suffer from frequent foot, knee, ankle or hip troubles are advised to undergo a biomechanical assessment. This assessment can help the medical professional to understand the root cause of pain by assessing how the body moves. Any abnormalities can then be corrected by the chiropodist, often by using foot orthotics, specially designed insoles, which can create a normal walking movement and help alleviate the pain.

The next time you experience a problem with your feet, get in touch with us. We will ensure that your feet remain safe and sound, under the supervision of a professional medical expert.